All last week, you followed a series of clues on the whereabouts of our beloved Chef Bologna, as he and the Vingenzo’s team took some well-deserved time off.

unnamedThe clues were part of our first “Where in the World is Chef?” contest, where we asked you to sift through Chef’s clues and guess where he was vacationing – all for a $100 gift certificate.

Well, after going through all of your responses, we have a winner. Remember, the winner is the “first” person who correctly guessed his location.

Because we had so much fun with the contest, along with the winner, Chef has decided to give everybody who guessed his correct location a free dessert this week only.

Below are all the winners (first name and last initial only) We will be reaching out to all the winners via email or Facebook.

Chef’s Vacation Spot – St. Maarten Island

Grand Prize Winner
Mike C.

Complimentary Dessert Winners

Amy B.
Cheri C.
Karen M.
Eileen L.
Shelly M.
Brenda K.
Donna C.
Chris W.
Nancy H.
Heather C.
Rich E.
Fred C.
Amy D.