And the winner is – Where in the world is Chef?

All last week, you followed a series of clues on the whereabouts of our beloved Chef Bologna, as he and the Vingenzo’s team took some well-deserved time off.

The clues were part of our first “Where in the World is Chef?” contest, where we asked you to sift through Chef’s clues and guess where he was […]

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Where in the world is Chef?

Where in the world is Chef?

No, really, we want you to help us find him. As you know, Chef Bologna and the Vingenzo’s team are off next week on a well deserved getaway.

But this time, Chef is challenging you to find out where he is (take that Matt Lauer).

Here’s the lowdown: Chef will be sending […]

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Get your apron on – Try our Tuscan-style Pork Roast

What can we say? We’re happy when you’re happy. And, because we know you love Italian food, here’s a recipe that no kitchen should be without – our Tuscan-style Pork Roast.

If you promise to follow the recipe below, we promise you’ll thank us.

Now, what are you waiting for – get that apron on.

What you need

10 […]

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Put down that phone – and mangi

We love technology. I get it. Smartphones. IPads. I see them all day, every day. My staff. My vendors. My patrons. It never ends. I’m not going to tell you that being connected 24/7 doesn’t have its advantages. I can’t. I’m not that old school. Chef is a card-carrying smartphone user. We are on Facebook […]

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A delicious Old World stew that’s the perfect antidote to these 20 degree temps. Paired with a crusty baguette and a nice bottle of red, it’s the perfect dinner on a chilly night.

Serves: 4


2 oz. olive oil
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
2 tsp. garlic, minced
1 lb. sausage, Italian style bulk
1 tsp. red crushed pepper flakes
1 lb. […]

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