Where in the world is Chef?

Chef-2No, really, we want you to help us find him. As you know, Chef Bologna and the Vingenzo’s team are off next week on a well deserved getaway.

But this time, Chef is challenging you to find out where he is (take that Matt Lauer).

Here’s the lowdown: Chef will be sending clues all week hinting at his mysterious September getaway. The clues will be sent to subscribers of our weekly email blasts and posted on our Facebook page (Follow us today if you’re not already).

To get your guess into the right hands, either send an email to Michael Pallerino at mpallerino@gmail.com (our official contest gatekeeper) or shoot us a private note on Facebook Messenger.*

The first person to guess where Chef is spending next week – wins.

We’ll let you know who won and, more importantly, where in the world chef is.

The winner gets a $100 dinner gift certificate complements of Vingenzo’s.

So, put your thinking cap on. Check your email. Visit our Facebook page. And, get ready to find the answer to next week’s biggest challenge (other than us being off):

Where in the world is Chef?

* For both email and Facebook Messenger responses, please put “Where’s Chef” as the subject line.